Keeping it Together

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“What are we going to do?” I asked my brother for like the thousandth time.  We were sitting on our parents’ bed overwhelmed by the task of settling their estates and figuring out how to move on past their deaths.

It was really too much for two teenagers to handle.

Jacob, my brother, wasn’t known for being level-headed, but I leaned on him during this time and he was surprisingly supportive.

“I don’t know, Bro,” he said, “but you know what Mom would have said, right?”

I nodded.  “She’d tell us to keep it together and focus on what’s important: family.”

“It’s just the two of us now,” Jake sighed.  “I suppose that means we stick together.  We can’t let anyone tell us we have to live apart or some other shit like that.”

“Do you think they’ll try to do that?” I asked worriedly.  “I mean, I’m almost 18.  That’s an adult, right?  And then I can be a legal guardian or something like that, right?”

“I don’t know.  But we’ll be strong and tell anyone who tries to mess with us to fuck off.  I’m almost 16.  You’re almost 18.  We can do this ourselves.  They can go to hell.”

“Mom would tell you to watch your mouth.”


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An Abundant Harvest

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Like my garden, which was yielding some interesting hybrids now that I had taken to splicing plants together, the result of my honeymoon in Granite Falls would be a hybrid of myself and Mitchell.

07-17-15_12-23 AM07-17-15_12-44 AM

I don’t think being pregnant is quite as easy as seeding new plants or even splicing them together.  Plants don’t have to contend with sore backs, morning sickness, or having to pee every five minutes!

Thankfully Mitchell was there to ease some of my discomforts.  He made my favorite meals and gave me regular massages.  What more could an expectant mother ask for? Continue reading

A New Beginning

07-13-15_11-46 AM

Hello.  My name is Eden Gardener and I have a mission.  The Sim World has become a dangerous and corrupted place.  Gone are the days of idyllic Riverview and Sunset Valley.  Willow Creek has all but dried up.  Even Oasis Springs is showing cracks in its foundations.  Crime, traffic, aliens!  You name it, those places are all rife with problems.

So that’s why I’m here.  Newcrest.  The very name makes me smile.

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